Prescription drug abuse is a rising problem that claims lives every day. Whether you are taking more than the recommended dose, taking drugs that were not prescribed for you, or using prescription drugs to get high, the risks of addiction and its complications are high. Attempting withdrawal alone can be dangerous, so it is critical that you seek help in a prescription drug addiction treatment center.

At Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence, we offer evidence-based treatment to help you on your path to recovery. We follow a holistic approach to Addiction Medicine, treating your mind, body, and spirit. We combine therapies, education, and programs such as meditation to empower you to overcome addiction. Our addiction treatment specialists design our prescription drug addiction treatment to meet your needs. At Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence, we offer Residential, Outpatient and recovery home programs, and continued aftercare support through active Alumni Engagement programs.

Risks of Prescription Drug Abuse

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The risks of prescription drug abuse differ depending on the drug being abused. Opioids and pain relievers can affect your breathing and cause respiratory depression that can become fatal. Stimulants can lead to irregular heartbeats, cardiovascular failure, life-threatening seizures, high body temperature, as well as intense feelings of paranoia. Depressants can result in seizures, decreased heart rate, and respiratory depression. If you are injecting prescription drugs, you can also become exposed to HIV, hepatitis B and C, and other diseases.

Abusing prescription drugs is dangerous, but the risks increase when you mix them with other prescription drugs, alcohol, or illegal drugs. The risk of overdose is also high with prescription drug abuse. A prescription drug addiction treatment center can offer addiction treatment programs you need to begin the healing process. We offer Withdrawal Management and Medication-Assisted Treatment to help you manage the process of recovery.

Signs and Symptoms of Prescription Drug Addiction

If you believe you or someone you know is at risk for addiction, you can recognize certain signs and symptoms. These include anger and abusive behavior, loss of interest in appearance and hobbies, mood swings and other drastic personality changes, and lying and other dishonest behavior. There are also symptoms that are specific to the drug you are abusing, such as confusion, slurred speech, watery eyes, dry, itchy skin, and nausea and vomiting for opioid abuse. If you are abusing depressants, symptoms might manifest as memory issues, lack of coordination, slowed reflexes, and breathing problems. Stimulants can cause loss of appetite, anxiety, delusions, weight loss, sweating, hyperactivity, paranoia, and tremors.

At a prescription drug addiction treatment center, you participate in therapy and counseling sessions, both individually and in groups. You also have access to support around the clock during Residential Treatment, in a safe space away from distractions. Once you complete the program, you become a part of an active Recovery Community that keeps you focused on sobriety. Prescription drug addiction treatment can provide life-saving help during your recovery process.

Services at Our Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Center

Our prescription drug addiction treatment center specializes in programs for veterans, parents, and LGBTQ patients and their particular needs. We offer Residential, Outpatient drug rehab and recovery home programs for adults and adolescents seeking prescription drug addiction treatment.

Our evidence-based services are proven to help our patients overcome addiction. Our prescription drug addiction treatment includes services such as:

Prescription drug addiction can feel like the end of the road, but it does not have to be. You can overcome addiction and recover by getting care at a prescription drug addiction treatment center, like Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence. Call us today at 773.234.0784 to take the first step towards a drug-free, stable life.