As the country contemplates how to deal with the current opiate addiction epidemic, the number of drug users is mounting. They all seem to have one thing in common. They are not getting better on their own and are creating a lot of problems for their respective communities. At this point, it’s near impossible to find an opiate addiction treatment center that isn’t at capacity. That’s not a good thing, but that’s the hand the treatment industry has to play.

Describing Opiate Addiction Treatment Programs

Man in therapy at an opiate addiction treatment centerWhile programs will vary from one treatment organization to the next, they all follow a similar format. At our heroin rehab center in Chicago IL, we will start the treatment process with a client assessment. The information we gather will then help our clinicians determine the right treatment options.

Most likely, the first step in the treatment process will be withdrawal management. Experience has taught us that the withdrawal symptoms from opiate abuse can be very dangerous. For this reason, we want to be able to monitor the client’s progress to assure they are safe and comfortable at all times.

Therapy is where the “rubber meets the road.” The patient and their counselor(s) will work diligently on a self-discovery program. During the process, the client will get an opportunity to learn the truth about their addiction. While many treatment experts will debate the need for finding the cause of addiction, we believe it is vital for a complete recovery. How else can the client’s counselor help direct the development of the proper coping skills? The proper coping skills are the ones that can help the client navigate temptation and also their triggers.

Upon leaving an opiate addiction treatment center, the client needs to be ready to return to their life. If they still feel a little shaky about their recovery, most opiate addiction treatment programs offer aftercare programs.

Inpatient Treatment at Our Opiate Addiction Treatment Center in Chicago

Many of Gateway Foundation’s programs for opiate addiction treatment Chicago IL revolve around custom treatment options. We firmly believe Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence has an obligation to treat each patient as a unique individual. For that reason, our local opiate addiction treatment center offers a wide range of treatment options and modalities. For example, here’s a list of the programs we can offer specific groups of clients:

About Gateway Foundation

Aside from opiate addiction treatment Chicago IL, Gateway Foundation offers addiction treatment services all over the country. Our nonprofit organization has been in operation for over 50 proud years. The fact we have a reputation for excellence only supports our contention that what we do works. However, we have to give most of the credit to our staff of highly-trained, professional addiction treatment specialists. They are the ones who are in the trenches, pushing clients towards recovery. Our facilities do accept in and out of network insurance and also offer financing options.

The time you spend living with your opiate addiction is costing you precious experiences. These drugs take and take without giving back anything more than pain and suffering. Our Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence location is a reputable opiate addiction treatment center that employs staffers who really care. If you will allow us to extend that care to you, we can help you get back to living a normal life. If you are ready to start your recovery, you need to call us at 773.826.1916. This is one call you will never regret making.