Heroin is an incredibly addictive drug, so overcoming a heroin addiction is no easy feat. Working to recover is always easier when patients attend a heroin addiction treatment center. At Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence location, you can look forward to the full continuum of care. From Residential programs all the way to Alumni Engagement, clients can get the help they need to fight back against heroin addiction.

The Full Continuum of Care

Psychologist with clipboard talking to female patient at a heroin addiction treatment center in Chicago

Since heroin is so highly addictive, patients should not expect a full and lasting recovery after a few weeks at addiction treatment programs. Recovering from a heroin addiction takes time. Often, the best course of action is the step-down approach. This approach allows patients to experience the full continuum of care on the way to sober and independent living.

While not all individuals require Residential care, we recommend it for most who are addicted to heroin. Since heroin addictions can be so severe, it helps to have medical supervision and 24/7 support during the first few weeks or months of the recovery process.

Once patients are ready to transition away from around-the-clock care, they can enroll in Outpatient drug rehab programs at Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence facility. Traditional Outpatient and half-day outpatient options allow you to fit recovery into your busy schedules. After Outpatient drug rehab, some clients will thrive in a recovery home setting. This sober living setting gives clients access to support and accountability, but it also gives them some freedom and independence.

The final step in the continuum of care is an Alumni Engagement program. This is important for all clients, but especially for those who struggle with heroin addiction. Staying in touch with peers who have gone through recovery can be incredibly helpful when temptations and cravings appear. Plus, there are opportunities to give back to the Recovery Community and bring purpose and meaning to everyday life.

Medication-Assisted Treatment for Heroin Addictions

Heroin addiction treatment often includes the use of medication. While not necessary for all patients, it can be helpful in many cases. There are two main purposes for Medication-Assisted Treatment. They are to ease withdrawal and to prevent a relapse.

Some heroin recovery medications contain opioids. While they don’t lead to a rush or a high like heroin does, they do stave off many of the worst withdrawal symptoms. This medication assistance makes it easier to focus on recovery and stay on track during rehab.

Another way to use Medication-Assisted Treatment is to avoid relapse. If the body believes it is getting a small dose of opiate drugs daily in the form of a tapering medication, patients are less likely to have strong physical cravings for heroin.

Medication-Assisted Treatment is not an easy solution for addiction. While it can be helpful, it needs the combination of other addiction therapy services. Also, some medications carry a risk of further addiction. All medications are taken with the supervision of medical professionals.

Dual Diagnosis at a Heroin Addiction Treatment Center

Patients and their loved ones often place a priority on fighting the physical symptoms of heroin addiction. This is undoubtedly important, but also critical is revealing the underlying issues behind the addiction. For example, some struggle with pain management, so opioids are a way to cope with chronic pain.

In other cases, patients are struggling with a secondary mental health disorder. Trauma, depression or anxiety are examples of mental health problems that can cause substance abuse. Through dual diagnosis care, co-occurring disorders receive simultaneous treatment.

Overcome Addiction at Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence

At the Chicago Independence location of Gateway Foundation, clients can expect specialized services as well as customized care. There are programs created specifically for parents, veterans and those in the LGBTQ community. We design treatment programs with the specific needs of each client in mind, and there is plenty of flexibility. Some of the therapies clients can expect include:

A heroin addiction treatment center is a great place to overcome drug addiction for good. At Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence, there are a variety of programs for clients to choose from. Call 773.234.1903 to find the right treatment plan and get on track to recovery right away.