Woman receives counseling at a cocaine addiction treatment centerAs a stimulant drug, cocaine is both highly addictive and very dangerous. Cocaine addiction isn’t something that can go away quickly, and true recovery takes time as well as professional support. Attending a cocaine addiction treatment center with comprehensive recovery methods is the best approach. At Gateway Foundation Independence, clients can overcome cocaine addiction and start working toward lives of health and happiness.

Recognizing a Cocaine Addiction

The first step in overcoming a cocaine addiction is recognizing the addiction. Sadly, there are many people who are addicted to cocaine but who don’t acknowledge the problem. Although many people use cocaine recreationally, dependence can still develop. Knowing the signs of dependence can help you determine whether attending a cocaine addiction treatment center is necessary.

The signs of cocaine abuse can include changes to appearance, weight fluctuations, and rapid mood changes. The signs of addiction include all of the above as well as major lifestyle changes. A person who is addicted to cocaine might push away friends and family or withdraw from work or social situation. Alternatively, they may appear like completely different people when under the influence of cocaine.

Once you recognize these symptoms, it is important to get help. Cocaine addiction treatment can be successful, but it only works if clients show up.

Exploring the Underlying Causes Behind Substance Abuse

All too often, cocaine addiction treatment only focuses on the chemical, physiological side of the illness. It is true that there are changes to tolerance and chemicals in the brain that are altered due to addiction. However, that only takes one side of the story into account. It is just as important to dig deeper and find out why cocaine abuse began in the first place.

Sometimes, individuals abuse cocaine because they are anxious in social situations and want a boost of confidence. In other cases, cocaine use helps clients feel more in control in stressful situations or work environment. Trauma, a family history of addiction or mental health disorders could also play a role in the development of an addiction.

Knowing all that, it is important to find the right kinds of therapies and treatments that can address these underlying issues. Only then will clients be prepared to fight back against relapse and have a stronger chance at lifelong sobriety after rehab ends.

Finding a Customized Path to Recovery

At a truly great cocaine addiction treatment center, clients are given plenty of flexibility with their recovery path. No two clients need the exact same type of support, so there needs to be plenty of choices available. This starts with a variety of treatment methods, clinical approaches, and holistic therapies. However, it should also include a range of program types.

Some clients fare well in residential programs, but others do best in outpatient programs. Some want to transition to family living as soon as possible, but others thrive in sober living facilities. Having lots of options means that clients are more likely to find the right fit for their lifestyles and their goals.

Planning for a Future of Sobriety

At a cocaine addiction treatment center, clients need help planning for the future. Relapse is a big concern for a lot of people. Therefore, we provide each client with individualized support and come up with effective coping mechanisms.

A plan for the future helps clients stay on track. When they know how to avoid cocaine use, and they have a set routine, it is easier to continue down the right path. This process isn’t easy, and it needs to be custom-fit for each individual’s history, health, and lifestyle.

Finding the Right Cocaine Addiction Treatment Center

If you’re looking for addiction treatment programs in Chicago, Gateway Foundation Independence is the ideal choice. Cocaine addiction treatment can be challenging, but plenty of amenities and support makes it far easier. Clients at Gateway Foundation can look forward to a full range of therapies such as:

At a cocaine addiction treatment center like Gateway Foundation Independence in Chicago, Illinois, clients can get all the support they need on the road to recovery. Call 773.826.1916 if you or someone you love is ready to overcome a cocaine addiction.