Committing to addiction treatment programs is a very significant step on the road to recovery. For some clients, however, choosing the right program is overwhelming. Part of that is because understanding rehab insurance coverage can be so tricky. At the Chicago Independence location of Gateway Foundation, you can get help sorting out your coverage and financing treatment.

Does Insurance Cover Rehab Treatment?

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If you or your loved one is ready to seek professional addiction treatment, there’s one key thing to know–insurance covers rehab. Many people don’t realize that health insurance almost universally includes treatment for substance abuse disorders. Addiction is a disease, and it impacts health. Therefore, health insurance policies cover treatment.

American laws guarantee that substance abuse disorders, as well as other mental health disorders, are covered by insurance. If you have a health insurance policy in the United States, then you have some form of coverage.

Of course, rehab insurance coverage can vary a lot from one policy to the next. Different providers and different plans all have their own stipulations. You can almost always work with your chosen rehab program to get some insurance coverage.

Understanding Deductibles

An often ignored part of the health insurance policy is the deductible. This is the amount of money that policyholders have to pay before their insurance coverage kicks in. Once you pay the deductible, however, you can expect your rehab insurance to cover much of the remaining costs. The exceptions to this are copays, which are out-of-pocket costs you might still have to cover.

If you pay a high monthly premium, then your deductible is probably minimal. If you pay a very low monthly premium, then your deductible could be higher. That’s why everyone should take a closer look at their insurance policy and read the fine print. Knowing your deductible can help you understand what costs might be involved before your rehab insurance coverage can begin.

Treatment Centers That Accept Rehab Insurance

As you look for the right rehab facility, keep an eye out for locations that accept your insurance, in-network. For the most part, reputable companies are the ones that accept health insurance. That’s because they have a history of successful results, and insurance providers have good working relationships with them.

If a rehab facility doesn’t accept health insurance, it could be a red flag. They may use untested recovery methods, or they might be too new to have a history of positive results for clients. At the Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence location, rehab insurance is accepted. This means that more clients can get the help they need without paying out of pocket.

The Joint Commission also accredits Gateway Foundation. Accreditation from major governing bodies like the Joint Commission is a sign that treatment is evidence-based and effective. It also means that rehab insurance coverage is likely.

Discovering Your Insurance Network

A critical element to keep in mind is your insurance network. Every health insurance provider has a network of medical professionals that they prefer to work with. If you live in the greater Chicago area, or within the state of Illinois, then Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence might be within your network.

If Gateway Foundation isn’t in your network, you can still take advantage of these excellent rehab programs. However, they will be out of network. That means payment might need to be arranged differently, but it is still possible. Just call the rehab admissions staff at Gateway Foundation for more information on out of network rehab coverage.

Understanding Rehab Insurance Coverage At Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence

Rehab insurance coverage is a big concern for many clients and their families. After all, paying out of pocket isn’t preferable for most people. The good news is that Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence location accepts a wide range of health insurance plans. Rehab insurance can cover programs that include all of the following therapies and treatment methods:

Rehab insurance coverage makes affording addiction treatment a lot easier. To verify your insurance at Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence, call 773.826.1916. Through the right addiction treatment program, you can finally overcome addiction and lead the life you deserve.