With the number of women struggling with addiction increasing in the United States each year, specialized rehab is needed. Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence women’s rehab program focuses on the physical and emotional issues faced by women struggling with substance abuse. Through the use of evidence-based services, our compassionate staff helps you overcome addiction in a safe environment.

Smiling woman facing group at women's rehab program in ChicagoWe provide Addiction Medicine to heal the whole person—mind, body, and spirit. To do this, we combine a range of evidence-based therapies and other holistic services, such as meditation, athletic, and social activities. Because we understand the importance of healthy, social relationships, our addiction Recovery Community also provides opportunities to build strong, supportive relationships. In fact, our strong Recovery Community is one of the things that we are most proud of. Relationships built during treatment and after, based on shared experiences of recovery, can be valuable tools for success. Our staff believes that addiction is a lifelong struggle, so we teach you the skills you need to continue your recovery journey once you leave our facility.

Benefits of a Women’s Rehab Program

Women who have addictions have a particular set of experiences, conflicts, and issues that have led them to seek our addiction treatment programs. As such, they need personalized plans that focus on these specific conditions. Our women’s rehab program delivers customized treatment based on your emotional, physical, and psychosocial needs. Since addiction is often connected to mental health disorders, we also offer certified Dual Diagnosis Enhanced Treatment. With this treatment, you work on recovering from your addiction while also receiving treatment for mental health disorders. At the same time, you become part of an active community of women with similar addiction experiences. The unity within our community helps you to heal while you share your experiences and struggles about trauma and addiction. You learn that you are stronger than addiction and trauma and that they do not define you.

At our women’s rehab program, you can expect our addiction treatment specialists to offer support during your entire recovery journey. Our personalized plan can include Residential, Outpatient, Aftercare, and Alumni Engagement options. If you are dealing with a severe addiction or are struggling with trauma, our Residential program might be ideal. This program allows you to focus on recovery without distractions and gives you continuous access to our supportive staff. Outpatient treatment gives you the flexibility of schedule, which is perfect if you have other responsibilities that you must also keep while seeking treatment. We also offer an aftercare program to support you while you adapt to your normal life. Finally, you can participate in our Alumni Engagement program to continue focusing on recovery. We invite you to share your recovery story with others and to lead support meetings and social activities within the Recovery Community.

Services That Make the Difference

When you participate in a women’s rehab program, you want evidence-based services supported by science. You want to know that these addiction therapy services have helped patients overcome their addiction over and over again. Gateway Foundation has helped over a million patients in 50 years of service to overcome addiction by using evidence-based services. These services include:

At Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence, your healing is our priority. Our goal is to empower you, so you can leave addiction behind and live a successful, fulfilling life. Because we do not believe financial worry should stop you from seeking treatment, we accept in and out-of-network insurance and will help verify your insurance coverage for rehab.

If you want to recover your health and live a life free from the control of substance abuse, you can join our women’s rehab program at Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence. Call us today at 773.826.1916 to start your recovery.