An outpatient drug rehab center Chicago Independence offers is an option if you have a stable home, supportive family, and self-motivation for recovery. You do not have to stop participating in your regular life to receive the treatment you need. During outpatient treatment, you engage in multiple counseling sessions each week over four to six weeks. You also take part in educational classes about substance abuse, relapse prevention, DUIs, and sobriety. Counseling sessions might be individual or group sessions. Treatment also involves family therapy and education, as family members are your most reliable allies.

Once you have completed your outpatient drug rehab, we continue to offer support through our post-treatment recovery support program. You have opportunities to remain involved in our addiction recovery community by sharing your story, leading support groups and events. You can also reconnect with counselors in case you need their support.

What Benefits Can You Expect from Our Outpatient Drug Rehab Center Chicago Independence?

Group sessions at outpatient drug rehab center Chicago IndependenceMaking the decision to enter rehab and what type of program to choose is a very delicate one. Sometimes, personal situations prevent you from entering a residential treatment facility to focus on recovery and growth. However, if you are in that situation, our outpatient drug rehab center Chicago Independence has some particular benefits.

Entering an outpatient program, you continue your access to support because you remain close to your family and loved ones. You also have the flexibility to participate in addiction therapy services while continuing with work, school or taking care of your family. Because our outpatient drug rehab center Chicago Independence includes sessions during the morning, afternoon and evening, you can plan your treatment around your schedule. As well, you can count on confidentiality, since you do not have to provide an excuse for a long absence from work or school. Finally, outpatient treatment will be more affordable than residential treatment. You receive the same high-quality, evidence-based treatment at a lower cost.

Services Offered During Outpatient Rehab

Our Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence outpatient drug rehab focuses on your needs. We treat your addiction and any related mental health conditions with our dual diagnosis treatment program. If you suffered trauma, we offer the Seeking Safety program to teach you to focus on the future and learn the skills you need to cope with stressful situations. We combine evidence-based and holistic therapies to create a treatment plan that is individualized. Our services include:

Our outpatient drug rehab program is sensitive to your needs. We have specialized programs for veterans, parents and LGBTQ patients. In our facility, doctors, therapists, and counselors work with you so you can fully heal and live your best life.

If you are tired of addiction controlling your life, you can make a change. At the outpatient drug rehab program at Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence, you can begin your journey of recovery and overcome addiction. Call us at 773.826.1916 to start on your way to a healthy life.