Each person arrives at rehab with a unique story, so their treatment should also be unique. At Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence, our addiction treatment specialists design personalized treatment plans to fit your needs. If you are a man looking to overcome your addiction, our men’s rehab program can provide the tools you need. Our program is designed to empower you as you learn to understand your addiction and your experiences. You work on recovery while learning how to plan for your future success, all in a compassionate, safe environment.

Three men around a table at a men's rehab program in ChicagoAt Gateway Chicago Independence, you work with both a team of medical professionals and your peers, joining a strong, united community. In our Chicago addiction treatment center, we guarantee treatment plans revolving around evidence-based services. Additionally, we offer holistic treatment since we believe in treating the body, mind, and spirit at the same time. One of our central beliefs is that addiction is a lifelong disease, so we also offer support throughout your recovery experience.

The Men’s Rehab Program Experience

In our men’s rehab program, our team of medical professionals works with you to design a completely unique treatment plan. Your experiences, conditions, and needs, along with the severity of your addiction are considered when deciding the length and type of treatment. Your recovery journey begins with Withdrawal Management and continues with Residential Treatment. Residential Treatment, particularly if you have a severe addiction or lack of support at home, can be very successful. If personal responsibilities prevent you from leaving home, you might complete this first part of treatment in our full-day Outpatient program. Our Outpatient programs can be ideal for both the initial treatment or continuing therapy.

Once you complete rehab treatment, you might not be ready to go home, mainly if you lack a strong support system. In that case, you can participate in our Recovery Home program. In this program, you live in a sober, safe facility while you transition back into your normal life. You also get a chance to build a support system that can help you face day-to-day challenges. The next step is becoming a part of our strong addiction Recovery Community through our Alumni Engagement program. In this program, you can continue to participate in Group Therapy, attend counseling sessions, and become part of sober activities. Our men’s rehab program gives you the opportunity to focus on recovery while growing and planning for a successful future.

We Are There for You During the Entire Process

One of the most critical parts of the addiction recovery process is having a strong support system to count on. In our men’s rehab program, you can expect the support of a knowledgeable, compassionate medical staff. From the moment you begin our program, through Residential and Outpatient Treatment and beyond with our Alumni Engagement, our therapists and counselors are there for you. Your family’s support can also be a key component in your recovery. Because of this, our treatment plan often incorporates Family Therapy, which provides you with a place to work through and rebuild relationships damaged by addiction.

Treatment Services for Your Recovery

We have 50 years of experience serving the community and during that time, we have helped over a million patients overcome addiction. We have built our treatment around evidenced-based services that are supported by scientific research. Our men’s rehab program, along with our many other addiction treatment programs, employ services such as:

The road to recovery can be long and hard, but you do not have to travel it alone. In our men’s rehab program, you can find the support you need to take back control of your life. Call Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence today at 773.826.1916 and start your journey