The court ordered you to attend DUI classes. Maybe you didn’t realize that you had too many drinks to drive safely. Perhaps you did know but didn’t care. Here’s what you need to know about getting the most out of the mandated class.

People going through DUI classes

Who Attends DUI Classes?

You meet a lot of first-time offenders. These are people who have no prior history of driving drunk. This doesn’t mean they didn’t do it. It just means that this is the first time someone pulled them over.

DUI classes in Chicago IL are supposed to be a deterrent that keeps you from driving under the influence again. Because it’s possible to prevent alcohol-related traffic deaths, DUI education could make the difference.

Inside the DUI Class

DUI classes typically meet once a week. The program might go on for about six months. You learn about the law as it pertains to alcohol consumption. Similarly, you find out about the relationship between impaired driving and traffic deaths.

For most, participating in a DUI program is an eye-opening experience. Some didn’t consider the far-reaching implications of their actions. Others had no idea that they had too much to drink in the first place. There are also people who realize that they might need to participate in alcohol rehab programs in Chicago IL.

Undergoing Rehab for an Alcohol Use Disorder

Participation in DUI classes forces you to be honest with yourself. After a DUI evaluation, you might conclude that you have a drinking problem. It probably wasn’t the first time you drove under the influence. Most importantly, you realize that you’ll do it again unless you get help.

Rehab is the best place to get the assistance you need. In addition to DUI education, you work with therapists to overcome the addiction. If you qualify for an outpatient treatment program, you can schedule therapy around work. Possible modalities include:

You’ll also participate in one-on-one as well as group therapy sessions. These offer dynamics that support healing and introspection. Most importantly, they motivate you to continue with the DUI program and concurrent rehab. Doing so is instrumental when the classes or therapies become difficult.

Long-Term Benefits from Class Attendance and Rehab

You might have started your road to recovery with DUI classes in Chicago IL. When you entered rehab, you added a long-term recovery component to the mix. You’re now in an excellent position to heal from addiction while making positive changes in your life.

Find out more about your options and the DUI classes at Gateway Independence. Not only do you receive the certificate you return to the court, but you can also heal from addiction. Call 773.826.1916 now.