A big part of addiction is the drug user’s desire to isolate themselves from others. They tend to do this as a way to hide what they are doing from themselves and others. Over an extended period of drug or alcohol use, they forget how to function in normal society. Their drug friends aren’t really friends, and the rest of the people around them cease to matter. As a part of the recovery process, the addiction Recovery Community plays an important role. It’s here that the recovering addict will learn to reintegrate into normal society.

About the Addiction Recovery Community

A group of smiling young people participating in an addiction recovery communityLiving with the disease of addiction is a lonely endeavor. The loneliness and isolation become a big part of the cycle of addiction. To truly break the cycle, the person in recovery has to come out from the shadows and get help. The amazing thing about the addiction recovery process is it requires participation from a remarkable group of people–other addicts. That’s why treatment centers like Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence actively support group support sessions.

While drug counselors and clinicians work to help patients learn about their addiction, they hardly form the basis of a full addiction recovery community. Other patients provide that community. Why? Because they all have something in common and something meaningful to offer to the addiction recovery process. They all need to relearn how to function normally around ordinary people.

It’s quite common to hear people in recovery remark about the importance of one addict helping another. Given the circumstances, that’s quite a discovery. The reality is no one knows what a patient feels or experiences. That is unless they have gone through it themselves. The shared experiences often form the basis of trust. As they share experiences and ideas, patients learn they are not alone. They discover they don’t have to do the recovery thing by themselves. These groups create a support resource to help prevent future relapses.

The Bigger Community

Make no mistake about it–the addiction Recovery Community is more extensive than rehab staff members and other patients. A part of the healing process has to include family and friends. Seldom does someone enter addiction treatment programs without having hurt the people in their world. In some cases, the personal carnage is significant.

The good news is relationships are elastic. You can stretch them and abuse them, and they still can hold together. Of course, trust becomes a big issue among loved ones. During our addiction therapy services, our counselors put more emphasis on family counseling. It’s impossible to measure just how important the healing process is between family members. When the patient leaves rehab, going back to the old friends and ways of living is unacceptable. Without family support, people in recovery could fall back into isolation, and we know where that leads.

The larger addiction Recovery Community has to involve all the key players. That includes the counselors, the support groups of other recovering addicts and family. If all components are working together, the road to recovery runs a lot smoother.

Gateway Chicago Independence Builds An Addiction Recovery Community

The entire Gateway Foundation group understands the importance of helping clients find their way home. At Gateway Chicago Independence, we offer residential, outpatient and IOP treatment options. Still, we want to get our patients involved with groups who can help promote a healthy addiction recovery. We want to build an atmosphere around a community of people with one goal–sobriety. Our other programs include:

  • Withdrawal Management – follow up to the detox process
  • Men’s addiction treatment
  • Women’s addiction treatment
  • Certified Dual Diagnosis Enhanced Treatment
  • 12-Step Facilitation
  • CBT

Aftercare Programs Like 12-Step Meetings and Sober Living

If you are ready to get help with your addiction, we invite you to join our addiction Recovery Community. Here, you will learn you don’t have to face your addiction alone. Furthermore, you will get a chance to develop new relationships that will become part of a brighter future. You can start the healing process by calling the Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence facility at 773.826.1916. This could be the most important call you will ever make.