If you are serious about overcoming addiction, a 12 step recovery program is a good foundation for your recovery. Since we believe you will be dealing with addiction disease your whole life, we also believe in providing you with the tools necessary to maintain your focus on recovery. Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence 12-Step Facilitation program is an evidence-based practice proven to work in helping you overcome addiction and preventing relapse.

This is one of the services we offer at Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence, along with many other evidence-based services. We follow a holistic approach to Addiction Medicine, focusing on healing your body, mind and spirit. Our staff delivers personalized care that incorporates a variety of addiction therapy services, such as meditation, behavior therapy and counseling.

Benefits of the 12 Step Recovery Program

Group hug at a 12 step recovery program meetingThe internationally-used 12 step recovery program offers proven success for overcoming addiction and keeping focused on recovery. The program, which incorporates the 12 steps to recovery, keeps you accountable for your progress while providing you with support from other individuals in the group. This is the central idea of the program, that group members can help each other continue practicing abstinence. Program counselors encourage you to admit your addiction and seek how to control it while building your self-esteem. You also gain the tools you need to succeed in dealing with your addiction throughout your life.

Why You Should Continue with a 12 Step Recovery Program After Treatment

Once you completed an addiction treatment program at our facility, you can benefit from continuing with the 12 step recovery program. By participating in the 12 step program, you gain support and fellowship with other group members who have shared experiences. You build a support system of people who understand what you have gone through because they’ve been there. The routinely scheduled meetings also provide you with a sense of structure and routine. At the same time, you must be accountable for your work towards lifelong recovery. As a member of a 12 step program, you can also receive guidance from members who have been in recovery for longer than you. Finally, the program is flexible and accessible, since meetings are held at various times throughout the day and do not require enrollment fees or insurance payments.

Services Offered at Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence

The 12 step recovery program is only one of the services offered at our Chicago Independence facility. Our doctors, psychiatrists and addiction treatment specialists collaborate to design personalized treatment plans based around your lifestyle, age, gender and other conditions. We specialize in dual diagnosis cases and treat co-occurring mental health conditions at the same time as we treat addiction. For patients who have received a dual diagnosis and have suffered trauma, we also offer the Seeking Safety program. In this program, we teach you how to let go of the past and focus on the future. You also acquire the tools to cope with stressful situations and to build healthy relationships. Our services help patients achieve success and confidence. These services include:

We also have an active addiction Recovery Community that offers many involvement opportunities. One way to stay focused on lifelong recovery is to continue engaging with the Recovery Community, through volunteering opportunities. These include sharing your recovery story with others undergoing a similar journey, leading support groups and social activities and remaining in contact with counselors in case you need additional support.

If you want to overcome an addiction, a facility with a 12 step recovery program can help you find the focus you need to fight and succeed against addiction. Call us today at 773.234.0784 to take the first step towards a healthy, drug-free life.