In 2017, 19.7 million Americans (age 12 and older) battled substance abuse disorder.

Addiction might feel like the end of the road, but it does not have to be. When you enter a recovery center with quality addiction treatment programs, you continue on the path to the future. At Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence, we support and guide you through your entire recovery process.

In our Residential Addiction Treatment Center, you can begin your healing journey. At Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence, we believe that addiction is a life-long disease, so we offer support beyond graduation. Through Alumni Engagement and our strong addiction Recovery Community, you have involvement opportunities so you can continue your focus on recovery.

Gender-Specific Programs:

Gender-specific addiction treatment helps to increase the effectiveness of treatment. It removes potential distractions and helps clients feel more relaxed and focused on their therapies.

Addiction Treatment Programs Offered at Chicago Independence

At Gateway Chicago Independence, we offer a variety of addiction treatment programs. We have specialized Residential programs for women, men, and co-ed adults, as well as general adult Outpatient and day programs. If you do not have a stable home to go to after completing our Residential program, we also offer a Recovery Home program, where we provide additional support during this transition period. Finally, our extensive Alumni Engagement program continues bringing you the services you need as you go about your day-to-day life.

Our women’s and men’s programs empower each group while treating the particular conditions related to their gender. In our adult Residential program, you can learn to build healthy relationships with people from diverse backgrounds. All three programs allow you to also learn from others who are in their own journey of recovery. In our Recovery Home program, you live in a safe, sober environment and receive continued support on your journey. This program also provides a greater chance at success since you can continue treatment safely while learning new skills to help you find employment and move on with your life.

The Steps of Addiction Treatment:

  • Withdrawal Management
  • Therapies and Treatments
  • Addiction Recovery Program
  • Lifelong Recovery

What Will You Experience During Treatment?

At Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence, you can expect individualized treatment and support. With specialized services for veterans, parents, and LGBTQ patients, our addiction treatment programs focus on your individual needs and situations. From the moment you begin treatment, with our withdrawal management program, through our Residential and Outpatient programs, and beyond, with our Alumni Engagement Program, we guarantee personalized care, services and support.

Our doctors, therapists, and counselors listen to you, help you identify the causes of your addiction, and teach you the skills you need to cope in life in recovery. Since we follow a holistic approach to addiction medicine, we provide services that heal the body, mind, and spirit. Our services include evidence-based treatments as well as holistic therapies proven to help you become a healthy person who can deal with every-day life stress.

Drug addiction costs Americans $740 billion in lost workplace productivity, healthcare costs, and crime.
Advantages of an Addiction Recovery Community:

1 Support from peers

2 Access to addiction professionals

3 Care that extends outside the center and well after treatment

4 Ability to continue therapies long term

What Kind of Services Are Available?

At Chicago Independence, we design individualized addiction treatment programs that incorporate both evidence-based and holistic services. You heal your whole being by undergoing therapy and learning techniques such as mindfulness to continue working towards success. If you also struggle with a related mental health condition, our Dual Diagnosis Treatment targets both at the same time. Also, you can participate in the Seeking Safety program, designed for patients who have suffered trauma. You learn coping skills to deal with stressful situations while letting go of the past and focusing on the present. You also learn to build healthy interpersonal relationships. Other services we offer include:

We also have an active addiction recovery community, where you can volunteer to lead support groups, plan events and share your story with other recovering patients. We accept in and out of network insurance and offer financing to make sure that cost is not an obstacle to your recovery.

Addiction does not have to mean the end of your dreams. You can fight addiction and get back to work making your dreams a reality. With quality addiction treatment programs at Gateway FoundationChicago Independence, you can turn your life around. Call us today at 773.826.1916 and take the first step towards fulfilling your dreams.

“Amazing program, saved my life. Live all of the counselors, therapists, nurses, staff, and cafeteria staff. Very clean and makes you feel so comfortable and at ease.”

Jessica T.
Let Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence guide you through your treatment. Call us to finally put an end to your substance abuse once and for all!