If you have tried to overcome addiction alone, you know that relapse is one of the highest risks you face. If you want a recovery that sets you on a permanent path to sobriety, you want a quality rehab with experienced addiction treatment specialists. That’s what Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence offers our patients. During treatment, we include Relapse Prevention Therapy to prepare you for the obstacles you might face in the future.

Relapse Prevention Therapy often includes group sessions after rehabAt Gateway Foundation, our goal is to permanently help you overcome addiction, as we have been doing for 50 years. We have helped over one million patients, using a continuum of evidence-based therapies and holistic practices. When you enter rehab with us, we focus on healing your body, mind, and spirit while empowering you. We practice Addiction Medicine that focuses on helping you live, successfully and soberly, with the life-long disease of addiction. Our staff is compassionate and understanding, ready to guide and support you through recovery.

Why Patients Relapse

Overcoming an addiction can be a difficult and emotional process. You begin with a Withdrawal Management program, which often comes with uncomfortable and painful symptoms. This is one reason some people relapse. Additionally, even if you get clean on your own, there might be situations you face that lead to relapse. You might face relationship or work issues and as a way to cope, you might fall back on old habits. You might lack support to keep going during stressful moments and return to your substance of choice to cope. Intense emotions, such as anger, sadness, loneliness can be added stress that leads to relapse. However, when you go through rehab and participate in Relapse Prevention Therapy, you get the tools you need to face many of the situations that often lead to relapse.

Relapse Prevention Therapy Helps You Maintain Focus on Recovery

If you want to prevent relapse in the future, you need to commit to your recovery and get educated. Our Relapse Prevention Therapy focuses on helping you identify the reasons why you might be at risk for relapse. You also learn to cope with risky situations by practicing skills you can use when you complete our program. This therapy is part of a broader range of therapies and programs at Gateway Chicago independence. Central to your treatment is Individual Therapy. However, you also can participate in Group and Family Therapy sessions as well.

Services and Therapies to Help You Succeed

To guarantee success, we offer evidence-based addiction therapy and services combined with our holistic practices to form your personalized treatment plan. In addition to our range of therapies, including Relapse Prevention Therapy, we offer services such as:

At Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence, you begin treatment with Withdrawal Management. You can choose to continue in our Residential Treatment program, which provides a safe space to focus on recovery entirely. If you have other responsibilities and cannot leave home, you can participate in our Outpatient Drug Rehab, which also offers Relapse Prevention Therapy as well as the flexibility to schedule your therapies during the morning, afternoon, and evening.

We also offer aftercare to provide support once you complete our programs. If you cannot go home after treatment, we offer the Recovery Home program, to help patients who need a safe, sober environment while they transition back to their normal lives. Finally, you can take advantage of our Alumni Engagement program and become a part of our strong Recovery Community.

If you are ready to escape the addiction cycle, you need a rehab program with Relapse Prevention Therapy to help you overcome addiction. Call Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence today at 773.826.1916 and take back control of your life.