A group therapy program is very beneficial for people in drug and alcohol addiction treatment. During treatment, you’ll take part in different types of therapy, as well as other activities. All are designed to bring your overall health into alignment. Because addiction often makes people feel so alone, talking to others in recovery provides a number of benefits.

Individual vs. Group Therapy

Group therapy program in progress at Gateway FoundationAs their names suggest, individual and group addiction counseling are different. Individual therapy involves one-on-one sessions, and group counseling includes meeting with others in recovery. Patient stand to gain different benefits from each type.

For instance, in individual therapy, you have a therapist’s full attention. In a confidential setting, you can freely discuss any topic that you might not be ready to share with anyone else.

In a group therapy program, you have the advantage of getting support from people going through many of the same struggles you’re experiencing.

What to Expect in a Group Therapy Program

Most group counseling sessions consist of a small number of people. A trained therapist will lead the meeting, but group members are encouraged to share. The therapist is there to make sure that everyone feels welcomed and supported.

Some group addiction therapy programs are gender-specific. This allows women and men to talk about things they might feel more comfortable sharing with members of the same sex. For example, women with substance abuse issues may have sexual abuse in their history. Discussing this with other women can be healing, so being in a women-only environment is extremely helpful.

Above all, you should feel like you can share your feelings and fears in a group therapy program without worrying about being judged.

Benefits of Group Therapy

Drug and alcohol abuse also cuts you off from friends and family. As you fall deeper into addiction, you withdraw from your old life and become consumed with using. You feel alone and misunderstood, like most other people struggling with this same problem.

Besides talking to other people in group addiction therapy, what are some benefits you can expect to receive in these counseling sessions? They include:

  • Getting new perspectives on your problems
  • Improved interpersonal and social skills
  • Gaining self-confidence
  • Feeling a sense of camaraderie
  • Being able to share in a judgment-free setting

While you’ll participate in group meetings during treatment, you can continue your therapy sessions after rehab as well. It’s often helpful to have additional support once rehab is over. In the early days of recovery, you may find that you need it.

You can take part in group addiction counseling in casual or more structured environments. A program like AA is well known, but other support groups are available as well.

Nonprofit Addiction Treatment That Makes a Difference

Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence serves men and women in the Chicago area. We’re a not-for-profit addiction treatment provider that accepts in- and out-of-network insurance. We also have financing options in order to make treatment as accessible as possible. As part of the largest nonprofit treatment group in the U.S., we offer the following services:

We’re an LGBTQ-friendly facility, and we also welcome pets.

Are you ready to experience a group therapy program that motivates and inspires you to maintain your sobriety, for life? Give the caring staff at Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence a call. We’re ready to guide you toward long-term recovery and improved health. Reach out today at 773.826.1916.