If you are struggling with addiction and seeking treatment, you need a quality treatment center and a strong support system. One of the strongest pillars of your support system can be your family. That is why at Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence, we offer Family Therapy so you can work on healing your family relationships. Since addiction doesn’t just affect you, you need quality addiction treatment programs to address the issues resulting from addiction.

Family gathering at rehab going through a family therapy programAt Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence, we believe that family is a central part of your recovery process. Along with Individual and Group Therapy, we include sessions with your family and encourage them to participate in the process. In 50 years of service, we have helped over a million people. We work with evidence-based services and holistic practices to heal the whole person. Because we believe addiction is a life-long disease, we treat by practicing Addiction Medicine, providing tools you need to recover. We also offer you support from the moment you join us and throughout life.

The Importance of Healthy Family Relationships

Whether you decide to enter rehab in our Residential or Outpatient program, you need support. While you receive support from our medical professionals and patients, often, your strongest support will come from your family. If addiction has damaged the relationships you have with family members, however, they might also be struggling. A healthy family relationship allows you to work together on your recovery journey. Family Therapy can provide the opportunity for you and your family members to focus on this healing. With healthy family relationships, you have a team rooting for you in your process.

A good family relationship is essential even if you have made the decision to seek rehab admissions by yourself. Entry starts with an intake assessment. During this emotional period, the support of family members might help you focus on the giant step you have taken. During admission, our staff develops your personalized treatment plan. Since it includes toxicology reports, they can also begin preparing you for withdrawal. Your family can support you through this process, then rest assured that your needs come first at our facility. We’ll include Family Therapy that can help you and your family continue on a healthy path.

How Family Therapy Benefits You

Family Therapy benefits you because it helps your family understand what you are going through and why. Our addiction treatment specialists and therapists teach family members the skills they need to deal with the many challenges that might crop up for newly recovering people. Also, our Family Therapy program provides space for you and your family to talk, forgive, and plan.

At Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence, you have a choice of Residential or Outpatient treatments. While Residential Treatment creates a space to focus on recovery without distractions, Outpatient drug rehab gives you the flexibility of scheduling. This is very helpful if you have other responsibilities you cannot postpone, such as school, work, or family. Then, you continue on half-day outpatient for additional support, through aftercare and eventually, you join our large, strong Alumni Engagement program. In this program, you become involved with our active Recovery Community. A unique benefit of our Recovery Community is that you can maintain contact with our therapists when you need them.

Evidence-Based Services Make the Difference

At the center of any quality rehab program are the services offered. At Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence, we offer a continuum of evidence-based services, supported by research and guaranteed to help you in your recovery journey. We start with the basic therapy programs, including Family Therapy, but also incorporate other services, such as:

If you are ready to start your recovery journey, you don’t have to do it alone. You can depend on the support of our compassionate professionals and involve your family through our Family Therapy program. Call Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence to get on the path to sobriety. Call us at 773.826.1916.