Deciding to seek treatment for addiction is just the first step toward recovery. Once you take this step, you want to find a center that provides the right treatment for you. With our addiction therapy services Chicago Independence, you get the best treatment, personalized for your needs.

At Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence, we provide Residential, Outpatient and Recovery Home treatment as well as alumni support programs. You can count on our support and guidance at each stage of your recovery. During Withdrawal Management, therapy, and beyond, our medical professionals help you on your path to recovery.

The Benefits of Quality Addiction Treatment

Counselor and patient participating in one of many addiction therapy servicesWhen you are trying to overcome addiction, you need quality treatment. Our addiction therapy services Chicago Independence combine evidence-based and holistic therapies to treat your mind, body, and spirit. Our holistic approach guarantees that we heal the whole person, so you become stronger and more confident. If you have a related mental health condition, we treat both your addiction and the associated condition through our Dual Diagnosis Treatment program.

Our therapy services include individual, group and family sessions as well as therapies that focus on behavior and thinking. When you participate in our programs, you get quality treatment and care from addiction treatment specialists like compassionate, understanding doctors, therapists, and counselors. The support we offer does not end when you graduate from our programs. You continue to receive support from our strong recovery community as you begin to deal with life’s challenges. Our alumni volunteering options allow you to both support others and reconnect with counselors as well.

Types of Programs Available at Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence

At Chicago Independence, we offer Men’s, Women’s and adult Residential, Outpatient, Recovery Home, and Alumni Engagement programs. Our gender-specific programs focus on the specific needs particular to each group. Our adult program provides opportunities to learn from people from many backgrounds and situations while building interpersonal relationships. We also offer specific recovery programs for parents, veterans and LGBTQ+ patients. Our flexible Outpatient programs allow you to participate in your normal life, such as school or work while continuing treatment. If you have a dual diagnosis, you will most likely participate in our Seeking Safety program for patients who have also suffered trauma. In this program, you learn to focus on the present and plan for the future. You also learn copings skills for stressful situations and how to build interpersonal relationships.

With addiction therapy services Chicago Independence, we continue our care beyond graduation from our programs through Alumni Engagement. We provide many volunteering opportunities to maintain your connection to our addiction recovery community. You can volunteer by sharing your story with other recovering addicts, by leading support groups and by planning social events.

Your Treatment Plan at Addiction Therapy Services Chicago Independence

Our individualized plans combine evidence-based and holistic therapies to heal you and teach you the skills for success. At addiction therapy services Chicago Independence, we believe addiction is a lifelong disease. To deal with this, you need to change some of the values that might have affected your path to addiction. Our therapies include:

We also believe that cost should not be an obstacle to getting quality treatment, so we accept in and out-of-network insurance to cover your care. We also offer different financing options.

If you are serious about recovering and overcoming addiction, you need quality care. With the addiction therapy services at Chicago Independence, we can help you through the many challenges of recovery. Call us at 773.826.1916 and take the first step to overcome addiction.