In 2013, less than 1% of Americans in need of addiction treatment actually got help.

Our centrally-located Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence center offers many programs to help you overcome your addiction. Whether you are looking for a Residential, Outpatient or Recovery House Program, we can help. Learn more about Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence to decide what type of program is right for you.

The Advantages of Residential and Outpatient Programs:

Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence offers clients residential and outpatient addiction treatment. Residential programs are highly intensive and can effectively treat the most severe addiction cases. Outpatient programs afford clients with personal freedom and the agency to maintain their lives as they see fit.

Learn About Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence

At our center, the team of caring medical professionals, including a doctor, psychiatrist and counselor design and supervise your care plan. While we believe in a 12 Step recovery program, we also offer other evidence-based treatments as well as alternative therapies. When you learn about Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence, you understand our dedication to holistic treatment. Our caring, experienced staff supports you during your journey, designing treatment around your needs.

We offer personalized treatment, including LGBTQ-friendly programs and separate women’s and men’s programs. We support veterans and parents as well. Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence also offers outpatient and recovery home programs for adults. Read more about Gateway Foundation and its goals to learn more about how our team plans your recovery.

Substances Treated at Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence:

  • Alcohol
  • Heroin
  • Prescription drugs
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana

What Does Gateway Foundation Hope to Achieve?

If you seek more information about Gateway Foundation, you learn that our goal is to heal your body, mind, and soul. We want to empower you to be confident and secure when you return to the rest of your life. Therapy is always evolving, so we use evidence-based and innovative programs as part of our healing. Our care is affordable and effective, and we accept insurance in and out-of-network and other financing options.

Read more about Gateway Foundation to learn how we have more than 50 years experience providing quality care. Since addiction has a connection to mental health issues, we treat related conditions as well. We believe in saving lives.

In 2013, 4.1 million people, age 12 and older, received addiction treatment of some form.
Addiction Treatment Options offered:

1 Individual Counseling

2 Group Therapy

3 Family Therapy

4 Relapse Prevention

5 Alumni Programs

Programs Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence Offers

Our program choices include different addiction therapy services to fit your particular needs. Whether you prefer a fully Residential program, need an Outpatient program due to work or school responsibilities, or are ready to enter a recovery house program, we will help.

Treatment at our Residential program focuses on small group therapy. You can learn more about Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence and our round-the-clock support. If you choose Residential Treatment, you will experience recovery without interruptions.

In our Outpatient Program, adults participate in treatment programs without interruption to jobs or school. This program offers flexible hours, privacy and access to support. During outpatient treatment, you receive substance abuse education, individual, group and family counseling, as well as relapse prevention education.

Our Recovery Home program is available once you complete Residential Treatment if you cannot or do not want to return home right away. Recovery homes provide safe, sober environments with continued support. During this time, you learn new skills to help you deal with everyday life situations.

You can continue learning about Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence and the services we offer to see if our center is the right fit for you.

What Services Does Gateway Foundation Chicago Provide?

Our services revolve around evidence-based practice as well as other comprehensive therapies for a holistic approach. You can learn more about Gateway Foundation to see how we approach treatment. We try to heal you as a whole individual by offering different services, which include:

If you are ready to take control of your life and overcome your addiction, find out about Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence and what we can offer. Call us at 773.826.1916 and make the first move to regain control.

“My family member just competed her 28 day stay she had a great experience the staff is wonderful and treated her with respect and went above and beyond to help her. Gateway saved my family members life. It was not easy finding a nice inpatient rehab and gateway made the whole process very smooth we are so thankful we found this facility. Thank you gateway”

Discover the difference our addiction treatment services can make in your life! Call Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence today so we can help you recover for good!